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Recording Contracts

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Starting a label? Need a recording contract template to sign a new artist? We have a variety of exclusive and non-exclusive contracts for record labels. We also offer a bundle of nine essential contracts for labels, including standard recording contracts, 360 deal contracts, distribution contracts, licensing deal contracts, and more.

Management Contracts

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If you’re managing an artist, it’s important that you have a written agreement outlining your duties to the band. On top of this, you need to ensure that there is a band agreement in place between band members, and that the band has good contracts in place with sponsors, promoters, labels, agents, and other parties who the band deals with.

Producer Contracts

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As a producer, you’ll likely need to hire session musicians, clear samples, and agree royalty splits with artists and labels. It’s important to have good contracts in place with every client you work with. Our variety of producer contract templates will keep you covered.

Promoter Contracts

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If you’re a promoter booking artists for shows or a tour, it’s important to have contracts in place outlining your obligations as a promoter, and the obligations of the artist. This can ensure that you’re not liable for refunding tickets if an artist arrives late, for example. It also makes it clear what you must supply for the artist, and how they will be remunerated.

Songwriter Contracts

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Songwriters need contracts in place to outline ownership and royalty details of the music that they write. It’s important when co-writing music to have a joint songwriting agreement in place, for example. This reduces the likelihood of disputes over who receives royalty payments later on.

Publishing Contracts

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Music publishers are responsible for handling the ‘business side’ of an artist’s career, helping them to negotiate deals, sync opportunities, and much more. When an engagement is created between a publisher and an artist, a contract should be put in place to outline what the publisher will do, which territories they are allowed to work in, whether the relationship is exclusive, and much more.

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