Sponsorship Contract Template


The sponsorship deal could be for a particular event of for a tour/series of tours or a company could expect some personal endorsement of their product. It is always an exclusive agreement and it can include banner advertisement at venues, meet and greets, freebies and promotional activities, etc.

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This sponsorship contract template compiles a comprehensive number of clauses dealing with different issues concerning the sponsoring of artists or events. Typically, a sponsor pays a sum to a manager (of an artist or an event) for the right to display the sponsor’s advertisement and/or sell sponsor’s products at a event or series of events.

Other issues dealt with in this agreement include:

– Composition and positioning of sponsor’s logo and slogan in promotional and advertisement materials.
– The manner in which the artist/event is referred to in relation to the sponsorship.
– Manager’s obligation to assist the display of sponsor’s promotional and advertisement materials.
– Exclusivity of sponsor’s products to be consumed and commercialised throughout the event.
– Extended sponsor’s right to use the Artist/Event’s name and likeness for advertising and promotional materials
– Courtesy tickets for the sponsor.

Frequently Asked Questions

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